January 30, 2011

The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

In the graphic novel adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan's series beginner "The Lightning Thief" which most of you probably know but for those who don't I'll set the scene for you. Percy Jackson, a 12 year old teen at Yancy Academy, a school for troubled kids suddenly is hurdled into the world of Greek gods. When Zeus, king of the gods accuses Percy of stealing his master lightning bolt, and Percy has until the Summer solstice to return the weapon. Oh, and by the way he also finds out he is the son of Poseiden.
With a plot this good you would think it would have been better, you should stand corrected! Okay, I admit it I am not the biggest fan of graphic novels, A.K.A. comics with a fancier name, so I did come into the book, with low expectations, I went out with the same feeling. A a waste of time for all, even those who are died hard fans of the books. The only people that might enjoy this are those people who parents tell them to read more, so they go out and either buy a gossip magazine or graphic novel. Go waste your time, I dare you to. Or have some fun and go read the actual book again.


  1. Interesting thoughts--I love Percy Jackson, and graphic novels, though I don't get graphic novels often. I've seen the graphic novel at the bookstore, but decided against getting it for now, since it's just a mirror of the book (and movie). The art is really beautiful though, they did a great job with it.

    The good thing about graphic novels, for people who don't read like we do (lol) is that, say they did pick this up, they might like it so much, that they decide to read the actual books too! It's sort of a win/win situation--we get to see our favorite scenes come to life, and the books we love get more readers.

    Well, this was a long comment. Just expressing my opinion anyway LOL


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