February 17, 2011

My Brother Sam is Dead

In the "Newbery Award Winner" and the "National Book Award" nominee by authors James Collier and Christopher Collier. This book tells the story of Tim Meeker, a 12 year old boy during the American Revolution. Tim's elder brother Sam, who Tim has always looked up to and longed to prove to that he was not just the younger brother. When Tim's father and Sam clash get in a argument over the revolution Sam runs away with the family's gun to join the Continental Army, Tim is caught up in the middle, father wants Tim to be a loyalist, or at least neutral like him. While Sam tries to gets Tim infatuated with the ideas of liberty and freedom. But even when a war is in his homeland the money still has to be made and that causes Tim to have to step up and make the transition from a child to a adult.
This novel gives you a 360, it doesn't say that the rebels were right or Great Britain, it simply depicts what happened, how it effected people, and all the options that could have been, it lets you decide for yourself if this war was necessary [I won't tell you my views that's not what this blog is for] and for me [at least] it makes you think much more then if it was like books like "Johnny Tremain" or "Dear America" which only tells one side of the story. I deeply enjoyed this novel because of the way Collier brothers depict the places, the people, and the emotions in the book. It will leave a lasting impression on you and what the war really was.

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  1. I read this book back in grade school and I remember that it really stuck with me...I don't really remember why...I just remembered years later that it was a pretty powerful book to my young mind...thanks for the review!


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