January 30, 2011

The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

In the graphic novel adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan's series beginner "The Lightning Thief" which most of you probably know but for those who don't I'll set the scene for you. Percy Jackson, a 12 year old teen at Yancy Academy, a school for troubled kids suddenly is hurdled into the world of Greek gods. When Zeus, king of the gods accuses Percy of stealing his master lightning bolt, and Percy has until the Summer solstice to return the weapon. Oh, and by the way he also finds out he is the son of Poseiden.
With a plot this good you would think it would have been better, you should stand corrected! Okay, I admit it I am not the biggest fan of graphic novels, A.K.A. comics with a fancier name, so I did come into the book, with low expectations, I went out with the same feeling. A a waste of time for all, even those who are died hard fans of the books. The only people that might enjoy this are those people who parents tell them to read more, so they go out and either buy a gossip magazine or graphic novel. Go waste your time, I dare you to. Or have some fun and go read the actual book again.

January 27, 2011

The Phantom of the Opera

The book that has inspired the Broadway classic which celebrates it's 23rd anniversary next Wednesday, besides classic film adaptations most recently "Andrew Loyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera" which came out in 2004. This book has such a great plot; a strange phantom like man who lives under the Paris opera house, childhood friends reuniting, and tragic events that will change the character's life forever besides enthralling the reader in a world of dark and secret passage ways. This novel is very thrilling, suspenseful, and will leave you enthralled. This book is a perfect blend of suspense, and drama. This book will leave you wanting more. Go rent the movie!

Mistmantle Chronicles: Urchin of the Riding Stars

In the starting of the Mistmantle Chronicles by M. I. McAllister "Urchin of the Riding Stars" tells the story of Urchin, a young squirrel named Urchin who was orphaned at birth on the island of Mistmantle. When a young prince is murdered and Urchin's hero is falsely accused of the crime; strange things start to happen and the once joyous island suddenly goes very dark. But when Urchin uncover the truth can he save his idol's name, and save more innocent animals be killed?
This book is a true joy to read and in my opinion is better then the big fantasy animal series such as Warriors, and Seekers [though I'm not saying those are bad]. McAllister really gets really creative, with humor when you want it and suspense when you don't. This book is perfect for any true reader but those people who are reluctant readers [also known as most of us boys]. Check back soon as I'll be posting the next one in the series titled "Urchin and the Heartstone".

January 19, 2011


It's half bunny! It's half teddy! And 100% Zombie! In the new book by Kevin Bolger, author of" Sir Fartsalot hunts for the Booger". This book tells the story of Stanly Nudelman, a 4th grade boy who buys a plushed stuffed animal at the Local witch's grange sale that's creepy cute. And the next thing that happens his entire school is turned into Zombies!! Can he fix this problem harder then the Patriots winning the Revolution? And if he can't solve this mystery, will his teacher realize the students are ZOMBIES!!!! And if he does Stanley will be stuck in detention till he's like 80! Even though this book sounds childish, and the author has a questionable history on his choice of titles, [really Sir Fartsalot?] this book is a fun story that will make you laugh with Bolger's unique writing skills. There is set to be a sequel coming out some time soon titled "Zombiekins II: It came from Beneath the Bed" which sounds like a funny follow-up book.
Watch out 'cause this bunny got BITE!

January 18, 2011

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The little green guy from Star Wars is back, on a galaxy pretty close: Middle School! This book is a collection of made-up case files on a Origami Yoda who has been giving out advice in mixed up phrasing, which helps people out of sticky situations. The only problem is that this green paper genius is made by Dwite, a total oddball. Who wears Yoda all the time, really all the time! So you can see why Tommy is concerned when Yoda gives him advice about a girl that if turns about to be wrong could be totally humiliating!
This book is super funny and will have you laughing from front to back, so don't eat well reading unless you want to get half eaten food all over yourself! A great debut for author Tom Angleberger, I'm not sure the character of Tommy is based on him or if he just wants a character named after him. There are rumors of a sequel so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The Lost Hero

From best-selling author Rick Riordan, author of the "Percy Jackson" series, and the "Kane Chronicles" books amongst others. Comes the first novel in a series of five "The Lost Hero" a book that takes place in the same world as Percy Jackson books and with some of the characters from those novels. The book is told from the mind point of three demigods [children with one godly parent]. The first of the three we meet is a teen named Jason, a boy who woke up on a bus and had no memories what so ever, a girl named Piper, who has something to hide, and a orphan boy Leo who's good with tools. These three students at a school for "troubled kids" are then transported into the world of both the Greek and Roman gods and are sent on a quest to find Hera, Queen of the Gods, and if they fail the outcome will be the biggest war in the history of demigods.
Now how's that for a first book in a series? This book was totally awesome, intriguing, and maybe even better then Percy Jackson. I really enjoyed the mix of the gods in both their forms: Greek and Roman. This book is great for fans of Percy Jackson. But if you haven't read the Percy Jackson books you'll probably be lost.

January 17, 2011

The Phantom Tollbooth

In the book that took figure of speeches and turned them into real life realties. Besides doing that; Norton Juster writes a funny, but sort of dull novel.
This book follows Milo a boy who is always wants to be somewhere but when he gets there he wants to go somewhere else. At home and bored a strange package arrives that transports him to another world where everything is upside down [not literary]. He gets appointed on a quest to save two princesses Rhyme and Reason. Will he succeed?

January 11, 2011

Johnny Tremain

In the book that has grown to become a historical fiction classic for children written in 1943 by Ester Forbes and was made into a movie in 1957 by Disney. The reason this book has grown to become what it is the way Forbes describes revolutionary Boston from the eyes of a teenage old boy; Johnny Tremain. The books begins with Johnny as a silversmith apprentice, one that is almost as good as his master, but as always with skill comes arrogance, and that leads to a problem that will cause Johnny to lose his trade.
But after the depression that followed comes a job, a paper boy for the Boston Observer which thrusts him into the Revolution, and gives him the opportunity to meet Patriots like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and Joseph Warren among others. And draws to a thrilling climax.
This book is very good, it would have to be to win the Newbery Medal and rank #16 on most sold children books as of 2000, it has few faults and is one of the best historical fiction I've read.

Nerds 2: M is for Mama's Boy

In the second installment of the new series by Sister's Grim author Michael Buckley, we get a different team member's perspective; Duncan Dewey, a chubby African-American boy who eats glue which gives him the power to stick to walls. After defeating Simon, a former team member who betrays the NERDS in the 1st installment [won't give how he did it away in case you haven't read it yet] returns with 2 new sidekicks a 30 year old geek who still lives with his mom, and his mother, a kick butt middle aged women who thinks this a great career opportunity for her couch potato son.
This book about 5th grade super spies is a wonderful humor novel, that in my opinion is better then the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. A definite read for anybody, even if the cover might look childish.
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