January 18, 2011

The Lost Hero

From best-selling author Rick Riordan, author of the "Percy Jackson" series, and the "Kane Chronicles" books amongst others. Comes the first novel in a series of five "The Lost Hero" a book that takes place in the same world as Percy Jackson books and with some of the characters from those novels. The book is told from the mind point of three demigods [children with one godly parent]. The first of the three we meet is a teen named Jason, a boy who woke up on a bus and had no memories what so ever, a girl named Piper, who has something to hide, and a orphan boy Leo who's good with tools. These three students at a school for "troubled kids" are then transported into the world of both the Greek and Roman gods and are sent on a quest to find Hera, Queen of the Gods, and if they fail the outcome will be the biggest war in the history of demigods.
Now how's that for a first book in a series? This book was totally awesome, intriguing, and maybe even better then Percy Jackson. I really enjoyed the mix of the gods in both their forms: Greek and Roman. This book is great for fans of Percy Jackson. But if you haven't read the Percy Jackson books you'll probably be lost.


  1. Wow you make me want to read this book! I need to finish Percy Jackson first.

  2. This book was incredible! Probably better than the Percy Jackson books, but maybe that's just because The Lost Hero is longer. This book ended CRAZY!!! So obviously, I CAN'T WAIT for Son of Neptune!

  3. Yes it was! I loved this and I think the main reason it was better is because Riordan has gotten more advanced in his writing skills while Percy Jackson was his first series.

  4. I genuinely love this book! Although, I do miss the first-person POV technique from Percy Jackson. I mean, I loved the way Percy narrates the Percy Jackson series.
    Overall, this book is an awesome read for me. And with introduction of the Roman mythology, as well as the retention of the Greek mythology, this book is just amazing in so many ways. :)


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