April 3, 2011

Lucky Cap [Pre-review]

For my first ever "pre-review" I was able to lay my hands on a copy of Patrick Jenning's newest masterpiece Lucky Cap, out April 26. The summer before Enzo enters the 6th grade, his dad takes a job with a company cooler than Nike, Timberland, and Marc Ecko. Even better, he gets to spend the summer traveling with his father and the CEO/designer/head of the company, a cross between Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong. Working out all Summer, meeting new people, and growing up makes him come back a different kid - more confident and self-assured. But when all the other kids, especially the girls, start paying attention and treating him differently, he ascribes it all to his cool prototype lucky cap. Flirted with, more popular, invited onto the sports teams - it's all thanks to his Lucky Cap. And when it disappears, Enzo stops at nothing to get it back, so he won't lose his new-found status, only to sabotage himself.
This book was hilarious, hands down.it reminded me a lot of "Wimpy Kid" in a good way. The big issue for me on this book was the characters; most of which were conceited and almost all of them stayed that way the entire book. Come on, can't you at least have a few characters for the readers to look up to!
I really liked the plot; classic Patrick Jennings. The book cracked me up, and so did most of characters even if they were self-centered. All things considered the good qualities deeply outnumber the bad, a fun, goofy book about making the awkward transition from child to adolescence.
This book gets released April 26, pre-order it on Amazon .


  1. harry potter's evil twinApril 3, 2011 at 3:46 PM


  2. Getting close to 1,000!

  3. Patrick should be happy with this review. Is this the one you were reading and laughing out loud? Good sign for a movie, perhaps?


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