June 25, 2011

Jack Blank and the Secret War (ARC)

I was really lucky to score a advanced reader copy of Jack Blank and the Secret War by Matt Mykusch (read my interview with him here), this is the sequel to the amazing book The Accidental Hero (previously published as Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation).
Summary: Picking up a year after the events of Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation, Jack and his fellow students are now well into their School of Thought training and are "sidekicking" for official, card-carrying super heroes. But, even though Jack feels more at home in the Imagine Nation, he’s still hiding secrets from his friends Skerren and Allegra, both about his shocking connection to their enemy Revile and about his “Top Secret” school assignment, which involves investigating the Rüstov computer virus that affects the Mechas. Jack is busy trying to find out how far the Rüstov sleeper virus has spread, working to find a cure, and striving to avoid the dire future that Revile warned him about. Meanwhile, Jonas Smart is working just as hard to discover what Jack is hiding from everyone. When a rogue Secreteer—the protectors of secrets of inhabitants of the Imagine Nation—starts selling secrets to the highest bidder, Smart is ready and waiting. Jack knows that if Smart finds out the truth about him and Revile, he’s as good as dead. When Jack discovers that the Secreteer causing all this trouble also has information about his father, the distractions really start piling up. If Jack is going to help prevent a second Rüstov invasion, keep Smart from discovering his secrets, and find out what a shadowy, half-mad Secreteer knows about his long-lost father, he'll need to learn to trust his friends, and to find the true path toward becoming a hero himself.
I loved the first Jack Blank adventure so I had high expectations for this one, and Matt Myklusch fulfilled everyone of them and maybe more. I thought that all the characters were all very colorful and decorated. Even the villans could be my favorite characters because of the way Myklusch crafts them. When I read the first Jack Blank book I had no idea what it was going to be like, but for this one I thought that maybe I wouldn't like it as much because I knew a lot about the world already, instead I was pleasantly surprised about how much Matt adds and changes to the story with it still having all the fun stuff readers loved about The Accidental Hero. I did think this book was maybe a bit on the confusing side because there are a lot of things going on, which does make you stop and just keep everything in check. Other then that I don't think I have really anything else to complain about. This book had a fair few amount of suspense and plot twists, my favorite kind of book!
This novel was a fun action packed sequel that will win leave readers hanging for the next. Matt Myklusch has done it again!
Book Battle Update:This is my second book read in the book battle! More to come!
This book is released August 9, preorder it on Amazon.


  1. It comes out on my birthday! I'll have to read the first!

  2. Happy nearing Birthday, hope you get a lot of great books (or whatever presents you want)! You really should read the first, it's a great novel!

  3. Thanks Benji! My mom is getting me Vampirates 2 and Robopocalypse soon! Robopocalypse is by Dainel H. Wilson. I hope to get many cool things for my Birth day! Have you read the Time Machine by H.G. Wells? I just got it it's pretty good.

  4. That's great! Vampirates Two is great! Robopocalypse looked interesting, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on that. The Time Machine is a classic and yes I have read it, it's good but if you follow me on buzz you would no I have no love for H.G. Wells.


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