July 5, 2011

Cinder and Ella (ARC)

Debut novelist Melissa Lemon's classic take on the Cinderella legend.

Summary:After their father’s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn’t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself—the most dangerous place in all the kingdom for both her and Cinder. Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you’ll never forget.

Okay, first things first, I hate the story of Cinderella. She is such a doormat! I thought that this book would be different, meaning she would actually not act like a slave. I was surprised that this tale is not different in the slightest. After their father died, Cinder has basically become a slave to her family and Ella does Cinder's duty when she can't. Cinder has to run away, yes I said run away and not confront her problems. Since we were little didn't adults tell us "you can't runaway from your fears, you have to confront them"?, so this book the heroine does exactly opposite.
I really did like the character of Ella though, she was nice to everyone, she can and will defend herself (especially from obnoxious knights), and tries to help her sister out whenever she can. When Lemon was focusing on her, the book was a real delight. The times when she wasn't, not so much. I felt like this book wasn't really enjoyable, it didn't excite me and it didn't make me want more. The prince, the main antagonist in book, wasn't very well thought out, and didn't really seem evil, just really annoying. I mean, he just sends out his various knights to do his bidding, not very passionate about his terrible deeds, eh?
Lemon's writing style was very Grimm's fairy tales-like, and personally I did not find that appealing, more confusing.
This book was interesting but not very exciting, certainly not for boys, and rather boring.
Book Battle Update: This is my fifth book read in the book battle, yippee! I'm beating Maddz 5-4, I guess that was one good thing about this book!
This book will be released November 8. Preorder it on Amazon.

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