July 15, 2011

My Thoughts and Experiences of Last Night's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part Two Midnight Showing

So last night my friends Glen, Rowan and I (Rowan pretended he didn't know us cause we were acting too geeky) went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part Two at our local theater. Unlike most theaters, The Uptown gave the true midnight movie experience. With a costume contest (I got second place and won a poster and tickets) and a cheering crowd every time something dramatic happened (which was a lot seeing how it was a Harry Potter movie after all). So it was really fun!

Now onto the part you've all been waiting for THE ACTUAL MOVIE.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Artwork
This is the epic poster I won last night; yeah, being a geek has paid off!

I've been a Harry fan ever since I was five or six when I read the first book and after that moment the Harry Potter books have a big part of my reading life. I'm really sad to see this end and this was truly a parting is such sweet sorrow moment. Now on to the movie.

I was surprised about the start of this one, even though I know the first part covered half of the book it seems like it cut right to the climax, and I was surprisingly okay with that. All the actors definitely cared about the production and put everything into it.
I loved how much Neville has manned up so much and has become so badass and cool, compared to the first movies where it was all "oh no! I've lost Trevor" and he plays a huge role and is instrumental in the battle and performs an epic rallying-the-good -side speech.

In this one Ron and Hermoine have to start having romantic interests (and eventually have kids) and I think Emma Watson and Rupert Grant have wonderful chemistry even though we all wanted Hermoine and Harry to fall in love but of course if they changed that for the movie it would be a TOTAL outrage!
I loved Ralph Fiennes' performance as Voldemort, and it's so great 'cause you love to hate him, something few actors can really achieve and when he dies I was sorta sad because it couldn't be over! It just couldn't! But yet it is and now I will have to see it again and again and again just because I don't want it to end, in fact I'm considering having my brain washed just to think it's not over.
I wasn't sure if they were going to do the "19 years later part" and if they were going to have different actors play everybody. As it turned out they did include it and had the same actors as the characters in the rest of the film. And personally I thought that was a failure, the only ones that were actually believable was Bonny Wright (Ginny Weasley) and Rupert Grant (Ron Weasley). I thought the one that looked the least believable was Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), who looked exactly like the 17 year old version of Harry.
Well I guess all good things must come to an end, and Harry and the crew go out on a real high note that will leave you in tears (of joy and sadness), cheering and yelling "WHY DID IT HAVE TO END SO SOON?! WHY!".


  1. Ahhhh!!! Knew I should not have read this cause I see the movie tomorrow! Sad to say I know the end of Harry Potter, I'm on the fourth book!

  2. I'm going to see the movie today in a few hours!! My friend and I almost got to go to the midnight showing, but that didn't work out sadly.
    I adore the books. It also really bugs me when people are "Harry Potter fans" and haven't read the books.
    Alright so some people don't like to read. STILL!

  3. Amy- Hope you had a fun time at the movie! Sorry you didn't get to attend the midnight showing, but hopefully there will be plenty more you go to! I adore the books as well! And you can't be a Harry Potter fan without reading the books, sorry people, you can't! And wait!? Anyone who doesn't like to read does not deserve to be a member of the human society!
    Reader/ Gamer Maniac- Sorry dude. Told you not to read the post! Have fun at the movie but you really should have read the books first (not that I'm judging you or anything) and I hope you're enjoying the fourth book, that's when the series starts to get really good!

  4. It was incredible!! :) Even though it was a bit inaccurate after the forest scene (trying not to spoil too much), I still loved it.
    And I totally agree. The books add so much and are just so much more amazing.

  5. Haha, you're right, we all wanted Harry and Hermione to fall in love... :) But anyway, yup. Harry Potter was basically my childhood and I'm devastated that it's over. The movie was AMAZING, especially Snape's memories. And you're right--the 19 years later part was weird, because practically everyone looked the same! It was slightly cringe-worthy...
    Still an epic end to a beyond epic book series.

  6. Yup Harry and Hermione are so awesome together and one of my least favorite moments throughout the series was when Dumbeldore asked Harry if he and Hermione were dating and he said "No, she's brilliant but we're just friends" in the sixth book. Yeah I really liked Snape's memories to! The 19 year later thing made me want to cringe as well. You say epic almost as much as I do. Keep being epic (and saying epic, and doing epic)!

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  8. I meant PAST best friend.


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