March 31, 2012

Fake Mustache

Note: Since I only got one book this week, I'm not doing an IMM! Come check back next week!
Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger
Release Date ~ 4/1/12
Format ~ ARC
Publisher ~ Amulet Books
Source ~ Amulet Books
Purchase: The Book Depository
Award-winning author Tom Angleberger flexes his comic muscle in this hairy adventure story with twists at every turn.

Regular kid Lenny Flem Jr. is the only one standing between his evil-genius best friend—Casper, a master of disguise and hypnosis—and world domination. It all begins when Casper spends money from his granny on a spectacularly convincing fake mustache, the Heidelberg Handlebar #7. With it he’s able rob banks, amass a vast fortune, and run for president. Is Lenny the only one who can see through his disguise? And will he be able to stop Casper from taking over the world?
    Tom Angleberger books are like candy. Very sweet, and so very, very addictive!

     In Fake Mustache we meet Lenny, who has a huge problem on his hands: his best friend, Casper has bought the Heidelberg Handlebar #7 and is using it to take over the world. Or at least The United States... for now. Along with child star Jodie O' Rodeo, he has to stop them... before his minions capture Lenny.

    Tom Angleberger's Origami Yoda books are funny, but this one was freaking hilarious! The jokes were a bit more mature, which I liked as I started reading Angleberger's books a year or two I was ten. I reread one of them a couple weeks ago and found it a bit immature. This one thankfully was more more mature.

   This book has the perfect pacing. Never a dull moment, they'res almost always something cool happening! Especially the dialog, which was hilarious to read!

I really don't have too much more to say about this book, other then it's a really fun middle grade book that you should give a try when you're in the mood for a fresher lighter read!
Cover Comments: This cover is exactly what the book is about: a fake mustache!
This book counts in the following reading challenges:
Stand Alone Reading Challenge: 5
ARC Reading Challenge: 17


  1. What an interesting cover and title LOL!

  2. Love the site and thanks for the review of Fake Mustache. That's a man's mustache! Haha I made sure to give you a Google +1 for your post.


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