September 10, 2012

BBAW Day One: Appreciation

Update: I posted the wrong post today (I posted the interview instead of appreciation) but here's my actual day one post!
Today's Topic:
The book blogging community is so large and contains so many bloggers! I love them all, but here are a few of my absolute besties and favorites! :)
Candace from Candace's Book Blog - Candace is one of the bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, and since then we've took off and have started working on Novels, News, and Notes and various blog tours! She's super awesome!
Monica from Cover Analysis - Ever since we "met" Monica and I have shared a special, sarcastic, witty, dry relationship. Take part in some of our banters on twitter, it's the most fun ever!
Juhina and Farah from Maji Bookshelf - Even though we're usually 9 or more hours apart, chatting with these two sisters is an absolute blast! Ever since I was their bookish secret Santa we've had a bucket of fun! 
 Lori from Pure Imagination - Lori designed my blog design and she's such a dear! If I need a favor she's always helps me with what I need!
Rachel from Parajunkee - Ever since The Story Siren drama Rachel has really took over the role as the big mama bear blogger! Someone everyone in the community we all look up to! 
Anna from Literary Exploration - Anna is so very nice! She puts on one of the best blogs out there. Everything you need - discussion, reviews, interviews, she does it all!
Sarah from Sarah's Random Musings - She's another one of the bloggers I've met in person and talking to her is so fun - it seems like she's read EVERY single book!!
Kristina from Kristina's World of Books - Kristina is just the best! Another one I've met in person, it's super fun, she and I plan blogger/author meet-ups before Seattle book signings! 


  1. BBAW is such a wonderful time of year, we get to shout out to our favorite bloggers, folks who inspire us every day! one of my favorite things about blogging is our supportive and tight knit community.

  2. Aw, thanks so much Benji! It's been awesome working with you and it's cool that we got to meet in Port Gamble!

    This is a great list (especially Lori ;) but I think there may be one or two I'm not familiar with so I'll have to check them out.

  3. That is like the best compliment ever Benji. You are so sweet! XOXO

  4. You are so sweet benji!!! We love chatting with you about books too!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

    - Juhina@ Maji Bookshelf

  5. You guys don't wanna check out our conversations ...although we have gotten comments such as "You guys crack me up" so xD


  6. Awh thanks dude!!!! I'm glad you enjoy the blog :D <3

  7. This is my first BBAW and I'm having the most fun discovering new (to me) blogs! Thanks for sharing your list, I'm off to explore the bloggers you featured!
    The Relentless Reader


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