September 12, 2012

BBAW Day Three: What Blogging Means To Me

What Blogging Means to Me
   I'm going to set the scene for you: it's January 2011, the middle of winter. School's gotten far enough from the start to be boring but not close enough to the end of school for that fever to kick in. In the house of a local middle grade author, house of a writing group for youth, sits 11 year old Benji Kenworthy, still recovering from his last feeble attempt at blogging. That one a blog about my favorite soccer club. I felt like I had to start posting opinions again soon or else I'd die of boredom. And so "Readings of Benji" was born. By April I was hooked. By July I had changed the blog's name to "The Non Reluctant Reader", something I thought better suited to the style of blog I hoped to run.

   Now that you have the back story, I'm going to give you the full scoop of what exactly book blogging means for me. 

  Before I started this blog my friends were super annoyed about me always talking to all the new books coming out. Most of my friends are big readers, but they're not too into following the latest book releases, so there was really no one to talk to about what I was reading. When I found about the book blogging community, paticularily the YA I was beyond excited. I couldn't believe there were THIS many YA book bloggers, and more importantly, this many people to discuss YA books with! It was sort of like heaven combined with the biggest bookstore on earth, which is of course heaven.

  So in short what blogging is for me is an outlet for me to gush, rant, and ramble about books. It's a place for me to share my opinions and receive others. It's a place for me to be enthusiastic about every kind of written word, for the YA audience of course.


  1. Yes! Gushing is awesome! :D
    Here's what blogging means to me

  2. When I read your posts, it is hard to remember that you only just turned 13! You are wise beyond your years!

  3. I should probably start blogging then. My friends get annoyed when I ramble on and on about books. Haha!!
    Great post by the way

  4. I like your blog. I see your age group with "super annoyed", I can see my granddaughters saying this. Keep up the good work.


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