October 8, 2012

#Reached Challenge #2: #GetMatched! + A Giveaway

As part of the Silk and Paper Campaign that I was invited to participate in by Penguin Teen, to celebrate the release of Reached by Ally Condie, each week there will be a different challenge accompanied with a giveaway here on The Non Reluctant Reader!
This week's challenge:
For Cassia Reyes, the seeds of dissent and rebellion were first sown in MATCHED. The Society is corrupt and people must know. Spread the word however you can by--
1) get as many people as possible to tweet #getmatched, 
2) embed the MATCHED trailer on their blogs, 
3) post about them on Facebook

Now that you've done that you can enter to win a book of your choice from my giveaway pile of books. My giveaway pile contains a large variety of YA and MG lit, many of which are ARCs that are yet to be released! 
Enter after the page break!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ooh, dying to win something from the pile! Shamefully I haven't read Crossed yet... but I do own it, and it's in my October TBR pile! Loved Matched!

  2. iv read both of you books and im your #1 fan and cant wait to read reached im absolutly excited i hope to be a writer somday and i just hope someday ill be nearly a good as writer as you not sure how to enter the readalongs or enter this contest but i commented on both of the questions and hope you can read them and i would be so happy if i would win something or got a chance to talk to you

    p.s. hannah you can email me at hannah.gayden@yahoo.com


Thank you for the comment, I love and appreciate each and every one! As of March 2012, The Non Reluctant Reader is an awards-free zone. I'm honored to be considered, but do not currently have the time to pass the award on. Comments are the best award I can receive though! If the comment requires a reply, please be sure to check back for one. If it is a feature/meme leave a link to your post and I will stop by and comment if I get the chance!

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