March 9, 2011

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague

I was home sick [again] today, so I decided to dive into the third installment of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. In Grip of the Shadow Plague, odd things are happening at Fablehaven. Seth discovers that there is a epidemic that turns creatures of light into creatures of darkness. The Sphinx has always given out good advice- but is he a traitor? Meanwhile Kendra with "The Knights of the Dawn" travel to a distant preserve to find a secret object that is very powerful. But as the epidemic worsens, this question is asked: Has Fablehaven seen it's last light?
Like the first two books in the Fablehaven series this book is very intriguing with lots plot twists that you never see coming. I found it very interesting to see what the other magical preserves are like because it lets you explore the magical world of Fablehaven. Brandon Mull has definitely gotten better at writing then he was in the beginning of the series. The characters keep getting more and more developed as they face more dangerous issues, and in this one their once time friends are now there enemies and it's very how they react in fighting against those which they one were friends.
Combining perfect word choice, humor, and chapter after chapter of exiting events; Brandon Mull is the next big author for kid's fantasy, J.K. Rowling better watch her back.


  1. This review wants me to read the entire series; and I'm an adult!
    Benji gives insight that help you understand and what the series is about.


  3. You are doing a great job keeping your blog frequently updated with interesting books. And I like your writing style (although the possessive is "its" not "it's").

  4. !!!I loved this book!!! nice review Benji.


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