March 11, 2011

Fablehaven: Secrets to the Dragon Sanctuary

So I was home sick [AGAIN!!!!] yesterday so I decided to pick up the fourth book in the epic Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. The Sphinx has already discovered two of the artifacts needed to open the Demon Prison, on the trail of the fourth Kendra, Seth, and The Knights of the Dawn travel to the dangerous and mysterious Wyrmroost, a dragon sanctuary. Will the two siblings succeed or have they finally gotten in too deep?
This book was truly epic, Brandon Mull is such a good writer, in this book every goes up a level; it's more intense, they're is a lot more on the line and that brings a lot more suspense and fun to the novel. The characters have all matured and gotten smarter, except for maybe Seth, which is the fatal flaw in this book, he could still be adventurous without being so stupid and always running towards danger; but I guess if he didn't the plot wouldn't move along and it would get boring. Brandon Mull really has evolved since the first novel. The world choice has gotten a whole lot better and more descriptive.
Brandon Mull is a wizard with words, Fablehaven is the next big series. Don't hold your breath for the next Harry Potter novel [P.S. it won't happen], just pick up the Fablehaven!

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