October 2, 2011

Announcing a Banned Book Readathon!

Banned book week is over. But this Banned Book Readathon hasn't even started! Banned Books in a very controversial subject. But I think banning books is wrong. A ton of banned/challenged books are great reads (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, ect) and people shouldn't be turned off by them because of their label.
Me and a good book blogging friend, Sierra from The Reading Chic were talking about banned books at the start of September. She said she wanted to read/reread the top 10 most challenged books. And I had a CRAZY idea, how 'bout a month long Banned Book Readathon? Oh yes! Though this month won't be just a month of reading, we'll also be doing guest posts about banned books, banned books giveaways, and more! The event starts in November and will run for the entire month, so plenty of time to make your lineup of banned books you're going to read. There are three levels:
1. Challenged- 2 banned books or more read
2. Banned Locally- 5 Banned books or more read
3. Banned Nationally- 7 Banned Books or more read
Once you pick a level, write on your blog (if you have one) a starter post, stating what level you'll be. Now... every reading challenge needs a good giveaway, right? Well for each banned book read you'll be entered in a giveaway for a 20 dollar gift card to The Book Depository.
How the entries work:
1. If you have a blog, review the book their then use the LINKY tool that will go up in November OR
2. If you don't have a blog, just comment stating the book (title and author), which level you're going for, AND what number is that book in you're challenge (example, I'm going for the 5 or more challenge and this is my 3rd book read).
Awesome, right? The challenge starts in November and I'll have more news as the date approaches!

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