October 6, 2011

Follow (my Book Blog) Friday!

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Q. If you could pick one character in a book, movie or television show to swap places with, who would it be?
A. Hmm... interesting. I think I'll probably go with Xavier from the Halo books. He was pretty cool, he was basically the boy EVERYBODY loves in high school, who still manages to be nice to everybody, and he's the classic good guy in the love triangle... the one that doesn't kidnap you and take you to Hades. And Bethany's also very hot... I'd also like to be Carter Kane from The Kane Chronicles, he was pretty awesome with a sword and had a sweet room. Plus he has another hot girl... lol.


  1. I've never read the Halo series. Been hearing mixed reviews. Old follower saying hello. Come visit me if you get the chance.

  2. Grace- They're really good! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I haven't read Halo! I may have to check it out sometime soon!

    My Follow Friday!

  4. I haven't read Halo, but I've heard it's great :)
    New follower!

    Here's my Follow Friday.

  5. Lux- It is! Thanks for following and welcome to The Non Reluctant Reader.

  6. Hopping through. I have heard great things about Halo. I should read it.
    My Hop

  7. Awesome choices, I like it!

    Great post! I'm now following your blog!
    Here's my FF: http://tiny.cc/k0agg :)

  8. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I haven't read the Halo books as yet but hope to one of these days.

    My FF, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

    Have a nice weekend, Sharon

  9. Sharon- You as well! Hasn't anyone read Halo?! They're so good!!!

  10. I haven't read Halo either :( But I've heard good things about it.

    New follower. My FF post: The Write Obsession

  11. Awesome answer! New follower stopping by for Follow Friday! I haven't read Halo, but plan to, and love love triangles, so...

    Have a great week!
    The Duchess Mommy Reads

    PS: Giveaway on my blog!

  12. Hmm, I haven't read these will have to check them out. New follower.

  13. Lan- It's really good, you should check it out!
    Duchess_mommy- Thank you! Yiu really should read them!
    Shando Jo- You must~ Thanks for following and welcome to The Non Reluctant Reader.

  14. I love getting guys perspectives on this! I need to read halo too

    Old Follower. :)

    My FF- Book Briefs(5 giveaways going on right now, including a Kobo e-reader!)


  15. New follower!

    Interesting choices :)

    Here's mine:

  16. Michelle- I'm glad you do! It's a must read!
    LibrarySnake- Thanks ya!

  17. New follower! <3



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