October 9, 2011

Rick Riordan Signing Recap

I just got back from one of the most epic days of my life. It was the kind of Sunday I could get used to (just kidding, mom, I won't be making you drive 2 1/2 hours every week). If you've been reading the blog lately your probably knew how excited I was for this event. The event happened at the Port of Olympia and was hosted by The Tumwater Library The event started with Rick Riordan arriving by "Poseidon's Yacht" it was very cool to see the yacht arrive at the dock and Mr. Riordan walk up the pier to the stage. The introduction was brief so we could get right to what everyone was waiting for, Rick Riordan!
Rick started by giving a 10 -15 minute talk about how he got to where he was and the inspiration for the series. After that there was a 10 minute Q&A, I didn't get called on, but the question I had was asked by someone else. Riordan really knew how to keep the crowd entertained and laughing!
After that, Riordan started signing books. Tumwater had "groups" each come up, by color of ticket, so there wasn't a huge line to stand in, just 50-100 people. They had plenty for the people who's turn it wasn't to go up. They had everything from trading cards to face panting and more! Hats off to the Tumwater Library for their great event planning. I got plenty of swag which I will share in next week's IMM.
Then... finally, it was my turn to get signed! There I am with Rick Riordan right across the table! I managed to get all four books I brought signed (including the one for the 100 follower giveaway). It was a very cool thing to meet one of my writing heroes! I'm only 50 pages into The Son of Neptune, Riordan's new book and am really enjoying it so far! I'm going to Maggie Stiefvater's signing tomorrow and will also do a event recap for that!
See ya folks!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a good time at the event. :D I bet that meeting Rick and having the books signed was really exciting. I hope that you have fun meeting Maggie, too.

  2. Kathy- Thank you! It was truly awesome! I can't wait to tomorrow as well!

  3. In a way i envy you.... not a lot of author come to Belgium so i'n not easy to have books signed and when they come...the rule are only one book per person...
    you are so lucky

  4. Miki- Thanks for the envy! I hope Belguim gets some more author events.


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