December 11, 2011

Real Life Reading Friends

Psst... I have a secret: I'm in 6th grade (gasp!), I was born on September 3rd, the cutoff here in the US is September 2nd, so you have imagine how annoying that is when I could be in 7th if I was born about 5 hours earlier!
  This brings me to the point of this post,: real life reading friends. Though I LOVE talking books with all my book blogging friends, that only goes so far, and you want people you can discuss books with in the real world. I go to a class that has :4th, 5th, and 6th grade in it. You can't possibly even imagine immaturity that is filled in my day to day life. I don't blame the younger kids, I get that they don't  like what I like and we're not in the same social circles, but it's hard for me to find kids that I can talk books to. There are two kids who really enjoy reading in my class of 11, though one of them's reading diet consists mostly of "graphic novels" *cough... comics... cough* and Rick Riordan books. The other guy (who just happens to be my best friend) was utterly HOPELESS when I first met him when it came to reading YA books, and all he read were the books his librarian mom brought home from the library... then I "educated" (or corrupted, depending on how you look at it) him, and now he's reading a fairly steady diet of YA (though his mom sneaks in a middle grade from time to time) and I'm pretty sure he's enjoying them. In fact ten minutes ago I was picking out four books to share with him!
   So the real thing I'd like to ask you is: How many non virtual friends do you have that like to read? If you're still in grade school, does your class talk books?

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