January 11, 2012

One Year Blogoversary- Thank YOU!

Today is my one year blogoversary, and I wanted to write a post to thank all my lovelies who've helped make my blog what it is today, I couldn't have done it without you...
    I have so many people to thank, but since I don't want to bore you, I will keep it short(ish).
First, to my wonderful family, my dad, for keeping me grounded when I'm like "1000 FOLLOWERS!!! OMG, my mom, it really pays to have a professional editor in the family, and to my little bro, who livens me up when I get depressed from reading too many dystopians!

     A few authors I want to thank personally are...
    The amazing Patrick Jennings (Lucky Cap, Guinea Dog, and more) who is also my writing mentor. You have supported me so much over the years (even when I insulted one of your books)! Having a children's author (and a very awesome one too) in town is awesome. And wanna know something cooler... I've known you since I was one! Thankfully I'm a bit more literate then I was then!
   The awesome Leah Clifford (A Touch Mortal, A Touch Morbid), I've only known you for a couple weeks, but you are just too cool for her not to get a mention! You're also hilarious and I have a blast with you and your twisted sense of humor!
    And finally, the cyborg (possibly, we don't know for sure) Marissa Meyer (Cinder) for writing such an amazing book, and for writing a FRESH dystopian world that stuck with me. Plus you also lives in Washington state, WASHINGTON PRIDE!

    A few bloggers I want to thank personally are...
  Cindy from Princess Bookie for being an awesome ARC Tour host, which gave me a big push when I was starting!
  Kara from Epic Book Nerd, She's my rockin' big (blogging) sib! You've taught me a LOT about blogging, and you may or may not be a robot!
 Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, you're the cool mom of the book blogging community! Plus, you're giveaway hops are awesome, and a totally awesome way to get followers (psst... I'll be co-hosting a hop with her in June)...
Chelsey from Starry, Sky Books I've only known you for a few months but you are one of the most friendly bloggers out there! And you're also from Washington! Us Evergreeners do it best (I guess)!

I'd like to that the amazing people at my local library. Especially you, Jody, for giving me an amazing adventure with books! And for all your help with that fail of a newspaper I tried to get off the ground a while back. I haven't been at my local library lately (I have been busy though), but don't worry, I'll be back soon!

Thanks also goes to my amazing teachers over the year. Helping me make sure I'm not an idiot. Love you, teachers (past and present)!

Now that's it, and don't forget to enter my 1000 follower/1 year blogoversary giveaway (find it in the sidebar)!


  1. I adore you! :) I think it's awesome that you did this post!!!

  2. I love the arc tours. But I don't think Cindy is from Washington... Pretty sure its the other coast

    1. Woops, that is a typo, I was talking about Chelsey, thanks for pointing that out!


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