April 16, 2012

The Girl in the Steel Corset

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The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
Release Date ~ 4/24/11
Format ~ Hardcover
Publisher ~ Harlequin Teen
Source ~ Publisher for Review
Purchase: The Book Depository
She thought there was something wrong with her. She was right. Finley Jayne has known for quite some time that she isn’t ‘normal,’ but when she beats up the son of her employer and is forced to flee, she stumbles into a world where there are bigger freaks than her. They take her in, treat her like family and demand her trust. How can Finley trust them when she can’t trust herself? And why is she drawn to the powerful Griffin as well as the dangerous Jack? She has to get herself under control before she gets into trouble she can’t get out of.

Griffin King is one of the most powerful men in Britain but he couldn’t save his best friend from almost dying. He is determined to save Finley and help her become the person he knows she can be, but there’s evil afoot in London. Machines have attacked humans under the orders of a nefarious criminal called The Machinist. He has sworn to protect his country against such a threat, but he’s never faced any foe like this. However, when he discovers The Machinist’s connection to his past, Griffin vows to end the villain once and for all — but he’ll need the help of all his friends, including the beautiful Finley Jayne – the girl in the steel corset.

   Kady Cross's The Girl in the Steel Corset was Sherlock Holmes (the new movie version) meets The Infernal Devices. That means, by nature it was really incredible!

    It didn't start off slow, in fact, there was a lot of action in the first 80 or so pages. The problem? The problems weren't really introduced til page 100, which caused all that action to be pretty much meaningless. But after page 100 it was a whirlwind of plot development, character transformation, and epic fight scenes that will have you on the end of your seat. *puts seat out from under you* *you fall* Mwhahahaha!

  The main character, Finley Jane, was really someone that I grew to like. In fact, she may be one of my new favorite YA heroines! She didn't whine when the problem came along, something so many other books suffer from.

   I don't like love triangles in most books, but in The Girl in the Steel Corset, I really enjoyed the tension between Finley and her love interest Jack and Griffin. I'm team Griffin though (I don't really like the bad boys too much) but both characters were really well written!

   The Girl in the Steel Corset is exactly what a steampunk should be! A really fun, interesting, and quick paced read that will leave you guessing!

Cover Comments: The red dress goes nicely with the gray steel corset!

This book counts in the following reading challenges:
Review Copy Clean-up Reading Challenge : 4
TBR Pile Reading Challenge: 9
ARC Reading Challenge: 18
Steampunk Reading Challenge: 2
1st in a Series Reading Challenge: 15


  1. I really wanto to read this book. love the cover. thanksfor the review. this book is now on my Wish list.

  2. I just finished it and Finley Jayne is my new favourite too

  3. I completely agree Benji! I really liked this book too and I loved the development between the characters. I thought it took awhile for the problems to surface too, that was my main problem with the book. But I totally loved it and I can't wait to read the second one! Thanks for the great review :)

    Have fun on your trip!

  4. I agree about everything! I really loved the book! Definitely team Griffin too! Hope you have a good time on your trip!

  5. I love book cover, it's beautiful and I love her dress, red are glamorous and sexy :D, i really want to read :D

  6. I'm not really a fan of steam-punk genre, but I love fun and entertaining YA books, so I'd like to read it.

  7. The plot pacing was the only turn off for me, but THE CHARACTERS. They are what made this book so damn lovable. The dual love triangles set off this fabulous tension and the love triangle pertaining to Jack/Griffin/Finley is one of the best I've read. I don't know WHO I WANT! I love the steampunk in this as well, and was brutally surprised by how fascinated I was. I can't wait to embark on The Clockwork Collar!

  8. I heard good things about this book and I can't wait to read it!

  9. I haven't tried this but I like that you really connected with the heroine!

    It's good the plot picked up meaningfully!

  10. I heard good things about this book /tnx 4 the review

  11. I've heard so much about this book, but have yet to venture into this genre. Such a positive review - I think I've finally been convinced. Thank you!

  12. This book sounds SO good! I'll have to keep an eye out for it -- a mix of Sherlock Holmes?? Sounds like a awesome read!! :-D

    So Jack is a "bad boy", ehh? Haha, I usually always seem to like the bad boys, so now I'm really interested in read this book! :-)

  13. WOW! This book seems great! I heard mix review but your review just totally made me want to read this book so bad!

  14. I have been drooling for this book..:)
    Just looking at the cover..:D
    My 200-Follower-Milestone-Giveaway (8 books up for grabs!/INT)

  15. I disagree, I couldn't get into this book. There was nothing really wrong with the writing, I just found the plot to be so predictable that I could guess most of the major plot points from miles away.

  16. I haven't read many books that are a part of the steampunk craze, but the few that I finally took a chance on I genuinely liked. I actually picked Steel Corset up from my library a while back but took it back without reading it because I was just hesitant. But now, after my small foray into the genre and your review (especially those small but powerful words, Infernal Devices) I think I will have to give this book another chance. So, thanks so much for your review!


  17. can't wait to get this one,

    I love love the cover


  18. I have been wanting to read this book for awhile now. With what you've said, it sounds even better than what I'd already known about it! Thank you for the great review.



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