January 16, 2012

Invasion of the Dognappers

Invasion of the Dognappers by Patrick Jennings
Release Date ~ 4/24/12
Format ~ ARC
Publisher ~ Egmont USA
Source ~ Author
Rating ~ 4.5/5
Summary: Nothing gets past Logan. He's every observant. And he observes that the neighborhood's canines are mysteriously vanishing. But the adults refuse to believe a word he says. So he gathers his friends and forms the Intergalactic Canine Rescue Unite (ICRU), and they make a shocking discovery. Creatures from outer space are stealing all of the dogs. But why? 

A hilarious, heartwarming tale of hound-saving heroics, Invasion of the Dognappers will be gobbled up by middle-grade readers.

My Review: Patrick Jennings is one of the geniuses of middle grade contemporaries, he's done a few fantasies, but most of his books stay realistic and I love them for that. When  I found out he was writing a science fiction I was all like...
Yeah, I was prettied shocked and didn't know what to think! But of course I was going to give it a try, since it's one of his books after all.

     I was pleasantly surprised! Jennings drew me in after five minutes. The first couple of chapters drew me in, and didn't let me go! 

    In one of Jenning's other books the main character was really self-centered and just plain annoying! Thankfully, Logan was an awesome main character who was very selfless! He cared about the dogs a lot. Though he was a little immature for my age (as I'm on the border of what this book is aimed at, 8-12), which  made me disinterested in the story a little bit, but overall, it was an awesome book!

   I loved the aliens, they were weird. In the most awesome way imaginable.  Though their ways of getting what they wanted were misguided, they weren't evil. I love that about Jenning's books, they'res no real villains.

Invasion of the Dognappers is a book for young and old alike. Jennings is one of the most unappreciated gems of middle grade novels.
Cover Comments: I like the image, but wish it wasn't so bright. It burns my eyes.


  1. I love those old, cheesy sci-fi movies & this book (the title and the cover in particular) really remind me of those. :) It sounds like a lot of fun and I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. I usually love middle grade reads, especially the funny ones, and, as you said in your review... it seems to be very funny xD
    I'l add it to my TBR pile =D

  3. I love middle grade novels and this one sounds like something I would really enjoy. The main character, Logan, seems interesting and I also enjoy science fiction. Thanks for sharing- great review!

  4. Intergalactic Canine Rescue Unite I love that. Sounds like a cute read. It sounds like something a couple of my cousins would enjoy reading.

  5. +JMJ+

    I love Middle Grade fiction a lot, so I'm a bit bothered that I haven't heard of Patrick Jennings until now. I'll be looking him up after this!

    But I do know what you mean about the incredulous first reaction to finding out that an author known for one type of book is trying his hand at another. Sometimes the authors pull it off and sometimes they don't.


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