January 20, 2012

Middle Grade March Madness Sign-Ups!

Welcome, welcome! A couple days ago I was thinking about how little middle grade books I see in the book blogging community. I had an idea, how about a Month-Long Middle Grade Book Reading Challenge? Then I talked to the lovely Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books, because I knew she read a fair amount of MG and asked if she wanted to co-host the reading challenge? Her response was very positive and without further ado...
  • The last day to sign-up is March 7th.
  • You may sign-up if you have a blog, goodreads, amazon, library thing, or Barnes and Noble account where you post reviews
  • Create a sign-up post that has in it: the challenge button (grab it above) and the level you hope to complete
1. Citizen, Read 1-3 Books
2. Mayor, Read 4-8 Books
3. Congressman, Read 9-12 Books
4. President, 13+ Books
I'm aiming at  'Mayor'
January 20th: Sign-Ups are OPEN (along with the giveaway)
February 22nd: Giveaway Ends
March 1st: Challenge Begins
March 7th: Sign-ups close, First giveaway of the challenge goes up
March 14: Second giveaway of the challenge goes up, first giveaway of the challenge ends
March 15-17th: Middle Grade 72 Hour Readathon Begins!
March 21st: Third giveaway of the challenge goes up, second one ends
March 28th: Final Giveaway of the challenge goes up!
April 1st: Challenge ends! Giveaway for those who do a wrap-up post.
April 7th: Wrap-up post giveaway ends.

I see that look on your face! You're saying "WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE ANY MG BOOKS TO READ"? Never fear, because Chelsey and I are giving you a chance to WIN 2 middle grade novels of your choice. This giveaway is open internationally and ends the 22nd of February, so you can get the books before the challenge ends!
Enter after the page break!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks MG fiction needs to be talked about more! I have my own March MG Madness Event going on during March, but it's more of a MG month long celebration and not a reading challenge. So I'll definitely have to sign up for your challenge to keep track of all my MG reading :)

  2. Awesome challenge! I had to sign up! :D

  3. Great challenge, I'll probably sign up. The 2nd Beyonders book comes out in March & I already planned to re-read the 1st, so this one is perfect. Plus, I love the idea for MG read-a-thon :)

  4. Great idea. Because there isn't enough focus on middle grade. So excited you are doing this.

  5. This is AWESOME! Was trying to track down something else and came upon this! I read a lot of MG so love to see a whole month of a reading challenge for it. Will be sure to help spread the word!

  6. Ok, signed up :) Thanks for hosting!!!


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