September 20, 2011

Contest Craze- Scariest Word!

Today it's my turn to host one of Princess Bookie's Contest Crazes! Here's how mine work's:
  • Grab a book you're currently reading (and hopefully loving)
  • Go to the 13th Chapter (if the book doesn't have 13 chapters, go to the closest to it)
  • Scan the chapter for the scariest word
  • Using Google/Yahoo images randomly pick on picture that comes up when you search the word
  • Write a blog post that has the book's cover, title, your word and your image
  • Link below
My contest craze will start today (the 20th of September) and runs to the 2nd of October
Here's a example I made:
Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday

So original, eh?
Now... here's the fun part! Once you link up you're automatically entered in a giveaway for a 10 dollar gift card to The Book Depository, which has the best prices of books around. This contest is open to anyone where the book depository ships to you!
The linky:
+1 Bonus entry if you follow via GFC


  1. This was a really fun challenge!

  2. Great & fun mini challenge :) And I'm reading just the perfect book: The Infernals by John Connolly (it's about hell & lots of monsters in it) but I don't want to spoil it for me, so I'll do this when I'll get to chapter 13, now I'm at chapter 9. Thanks for hosting!

  3. LuAnn- Thank you!
    Aleksandra- Thank you! Glad you have the perfect one, go ahead and link it when you're ready.

  4. Very fun! Thanks for the contest! I entered...I think. But it hasn't shown up yet.

  5. Thanks for hosting this contest. cool idea!

  6. Brandileigh- Thanks for following!
    Bev- Thanks, I wasn't sure what mine should be, yup, you're entered!
    Rebecca- No problem! Thanks!

  7. I posted my link!

    +1 I follow you via GFC (Throuthehaze)

    Raelena @ Throuthehaze Reads

  8. My link is in the pot. Ah, books. They're great.

    +1 for following you GFC: TayteH

    thnaks. :D

  9. This is a unique kind of contest! I just added myself to the linky list.

    +1 I follow via GFC!


  10. This was fun! Thanks for the contest. I think I found a pretty good pic.

  11. Almost forgot to say I'm a follower too! my linky is #22 and I'm jen7waters on GFC

  12. I can't see your linky so here's my link

    also GFC - Sniffly Kitty


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