September 24, 2011

I Have Been Tagged

I've Been Tagged in a Game of Blogger Tag!
The Rules: list ten facts about yourself, link back to your tagger, and then tag five more people!
I was tagged by Howling Turtle.
Ten Facts About Me:
  1. I Love Soccer
  2. I'm a Vegetarian (animals rock)
  3. I go to a school with 37 kids in grades Preschool to 6th (I'm in 6th)
  4. I live in a hippie infested town
  5. My dad is Canadian
  6. I have a load of Scottish blood in me. Yeah. I'm Braveheart's great, great, great, great, great, grandson
  7. I love pizza
  8. I write, a lot!
  9. The count of books I own is over 1000
  10. I only eat cheese on Pizza and Mexican food


  1. Oh my goodness! Here I was thinking the school I went to was small (when I graduated, there were 76 people in my grade)! ..that's twice the size of your entire school.


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