September 23, 2011

Contest Craze- Who Should be a Couple?

Today on Princess Bookie's Contest Craze we have a challenge hosted by our grand host, Princess Bookie about who should be a couple that isn't, sounds fun!
The rules:Write up a blog post telling us who should be a couple but are NOT a couple. This can include tv, movie, music videos, or book couples. In a separate paragraph, tell us why you think they should get together. They can be characters from different shows or the same show. Be creative. Who would go well together? These are fictional characters, not the real actors.

Make sure you tell us which show you are going off of (if it's a show and your behind a season, tell us). If its two different shows, and two different characters, tell us. Details please! If it's a book, make sure you tell us what book it is from in your blog post. This is so people know not to ruin it by telling you spoilers from the next book or season!

Of course since I'm a bookish freak (or so I think) mine's going to be a match-up of a couple from two different YA books I've read recently...

Rhine from Wither by Lauren Destefano


(Not exactly how I pictured him... but okay?)
Gale from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My reasoning:
Okay... I had to think about my choice for this challenge for a while. I was all over the map... I was thinking Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments but none of them really worked out. Then my brain had one of those rare ideas and I was like BINGO! We have a winner. Rhine and Gale are both sorta wild and DO NOT like to be tied down. Also (spoiler for those who haven't finished The Hunger Games trilogy yet) he did screw off and run away during the final book... maybe he went to find Rhine, eh?

1 comment:

  1. i think rhine and gale to ive read wither im getting fever for my 12th b-day and the hunger gaames trioligy my aunt and i love reading and she told me about the hunger games cant wait to read the hunger games


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