August 26, 2012

Girls' Nightmare Out Tour Recap

The Girls' Nightmare Out tour is hosted by Tor to promote the authors of their paranormal YA books.
The Girls' Nightmare Out Tour Featuring YA Authors Kendare Blake, Lisa Desrochers, Marta Acosta, and Amanda Hocking!
 Thursday, 8/23 7:00 pm. Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.
    This event was one of the best book signings I've ever been to! I was so excited for it! The day started it with a local publicist (and awesome person named Tina) and I leaving Port Townsend at 1:30. It's a two hour drive to Third Place books (the host bookstore) for the event. We were having a pre-event dinner with the authors and local bloggers at 5:00 and we still didn't arrive at the bookstore til at least 5:30, which just shows how terrible Seattle traffic is *groan* 

   Once we finally did get to the bookstore I got to have dinner with Kendare Blake, Marta Acosta, and Amanda Hocking! All of which were amazing people to talk to! Kristina from Kristina's World of Books who I had met before was also there and it was also great to catch up with her and tell her congrats in person for her pregnancy!
Then the event started and that was awesome, here are some pictures from that:

Here are some things I learned about the different authors:
1. Marta Acosta also writes vampire satire! Which I find flippin' awesome.
2. Lisa Desrochers didn't tell anyone she was writing her book until it was completely finished. 
3. Amanda Hocking writes 8-12 hours a day, which is SO incredible! Her secret? Lots and lots of red bull. 
4. Kendare Blake has scared herself twice while writing her books and she says she loves it when that happens! 
5. Lisa Desrochers has two other jobs besides writing, and says she writes whenever has time between the two others, mostly at night. She says sleep is overrated. 

After the talk was over we got to mingle with the authors and chat with them some more. Here is a group photo we snagged with all the authors and bloggers that were there:
From left to right:
Kendare Blake (above), me (below), Lisa Desrochers (above), Anna from Peace, Love, Teen Fiction (below), Amanda Hocking (above), Kristina from Kristina's Word of Books (below), Marta Acosta (above), and Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf (below) .

   This event was so amazing! I loved every minute of it and the authors were all great! And the bottom line is: READ THEIR BOOKS or SUFFER MY WRATH! 


  1. Awesome, I going to start going through my pictures today and working on my post. Also you might want to fix one thing we had dinner with Lisa Desrochers not Amanda HOcking :)

  2. How awesome, I am glad you had a memorable time!

  3. I love it when authors are willing to hand out with us outside of events :) I always feel much more relaxed and less fangirly haha. I REALLY need to read Kandare Blake's books >.< If she can scare herself.. maybe she can actually scare me! But I dunno.. not too many books feel scary to me! WE SHALL SEE

  4. I have always wanted to go to an author event. Unfortunately where I live we just don't have any authors that come here. I do love Amanda Hocking's Trylle books and I can't wait to start reading her new series.

  5. See? I knew I should have gone :P

  6. Wow!
    You are so lucky to have met the all. I wish I lived in U.S.


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