August 20, 2012

Gregg Olsen Blogger Event Recap

Hey guys! So a few weeks ago I went to a awesome event for bloggers hosted by Gregg Olsen, author of Envy. When I got the invite from Gregg's author escort, Gail I was so excited. The event was located in the setting of the book, Port Gamble, WA, a mere half hour drive from my house. 
When I first got there not everyone was there so I got the chance to chat at The Port Gamble General Store with Sarah from Sarah's Random Musings, who I had met before, and Candace from Candace's Book Blog, who I had talked with a fair amount online but never in person. It was awesome to meet her, as she was one of the first bloggers I started reading when I joined the book blogging community!
After that we got to explore a genuine haunted house (not open to the public)
The house was really neat, and we even got to eat lunch there while Gregg gave a presentation! (Lunch was a yummy portobello mushroom burger which I highly advise eating) 
After word we got to go on a tour that included some very awesome sights from the book!
Group photo in the Port Gamble Cemetery, final resting place of many people mentioned in the book!
 Katelyn's house. Apparently the upper room (with the window) is where she was murdered!
This is where Beth lives in the book, it's also where the foriegn exchange student stays during Betrayal!
The Ryan family house. We actually got to go inside and look around! It's also the oldest continuously lived in house in Washington!
We did another group photo at the house, everyone has their books!

Gregg gave us a goodie bag filled with awesome stuff, and afterwords we got it all signed!

This was an awesome event that I really enjoyed! Thank you so much to Gregg and Gail for putting this on for us! 


  1. I wish I could have been there! Stupid work and getting it my way. Wow it was only a 1/2 drive for you, I'm even more envious! My drive would have been almost 2 hrs one way hence why I didn't head over after I was off work at 2.

  2. How fun! That is a gorgeous house and property. Beautiful!

  3. That was one amazing event. How lucky you all were!

  4. What a fantastic opportunity. I'm so envious (pardon the pun). Glad you had a terrific time. Thank you for sharing the experience with the great photos.


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