August 28, 2012

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
10. I am relativity fond of Twilight. Don't hate me for it. Remember there was a time when we all thought it was the best crap ever.
9.  From the ages of 8-10 I thought Nickolas Sparks was a good author. Don't ask me why.
8. I don't think Harry Potter is the most amazing thing on earth. It's amazing, but The Hunger Games is way better. 
7. Even though Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a terribly recycled plot over and over, I don't like them, but I still read them. 
6. I cannot stand my books getting out of shape. If you even make a teeny, tiny crease or bend, I will kill you for it.
5. I ran another book blog for about 30 minutes three years ago, until I realized I had no time to keep it updated. It was called "The Bookshelf of Benji", and was totally horribly written.
4. I used to only like to read nonfiction.
3. I only read Matched by Ally Condie because the cover was awesome looking. The book was good too though. 
2. I had a $75 dollar library fine.
1. I told my friends Twilight had a bunch of sex in it just so they would read it, so I could discuss it with them. 


  1. Love the comment about Twilight! That's one way to get your friends to read it. Wow...your fine beat mine. I guess you cannot pay your way with canned food on that one!

    Hopping by to say Hi! Hope you have a chance to read my Bookish Confessions!

  2. That last confession made me laugh out loud - you kind of prophesied a bit of Breaking Dawn, at least! I feel like every reader goes through the Nicholas Sparks stage - it's a decent introduction to emotional investment in a book...and then we discover what REAL emotional investment is haha.

    My Top Ten

  3. You're last confession made me laugh! Ha! I wish I had told my friends that. Genius!

    -Marybeth p.

  4. I don't think Nicholas Sparks is a bad author... he just only has one story and renames the characters each time he rehashes it...

    I enjoyed the first few I read until I worked out they were all the same...

    And awww about Twilight. I got my brother to read it just because none of my friends had read them when I was reading them and I needed someone to discuss the characters with :P

  5. Haha I love #1!! Too funny. Also, I still love Twilight! :)

    My Confessions

  6. #1 just sounds MEAN.

    (But if they were reading a book just for sex, they probably deserved it. ;))

  7. Number one made me laugh.

    I like Nicholas Sparks, he's not the best...but I've been known to pick up his books when I need a good cry. ;)

  8. ... Harry Potter is the best :(

    I also feel like killing someone if they do something to my precious books.

    My top 10 Tuesday.

  9. I agree with number 6! You bend my book, I crush you. That's why I only borrow them to a very select few people.
    I lol-ed at number 1 XD

    Here are my confessions.

  10. Pahaha @ sexy Twilight. And yeah Nicholas Sparks not so much.

  11. Lol that last one is funny. Yes Ill admit I enjoyed reading Twilight a few times, but then I listened to it and now I understand why people whine about Bella and Edward. I must have glanced over many of their annoying habits, but having to listen to every word really annoyed me. Right now I'm listening the the Fallen series and it is driving me freaking crazy, Luce is getting on my nerves like no other, this is what I don't like about the YA genre so many weak female characters.

    I have never read Sparks and probably won't ever. The only movie I like is the one with Mandy Moore all the rest I don't like at all. I like fantasy in my books, they better be a damn good book for me to read it if it doesn't have fantasy.

  12. I love #10 and 8 and agree with you wholeheartedly:p

  13. I love your post, I totally agree with you with #8 and #9
    and the #1 really made me laugh.

  14. Enjoyed reading your "confessions." It's funny how our taste in reading changes. :)


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