August 23, 2012

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
Release Date ~ 9/14/2010
Format ~ Paperback
Publisher ~ Tor Teen
Source ~ Bought

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Frannie Cavanaugh is a good Catholic girl with a bit of a wicked streak. She has spent years keeping everyone at a distance---even her closest friends---and it seems as if her senior year is going to be more of the same . . . until Luc Cain enrolls in her class. No one knows where he came from, but Frannie can’t seem to stay away from him.

What she doesn’t know is that Luc is on a mission. He’s been sent from Hell itself to claim Frannie’s soul. It should be easy---all he has to do is get her to sin, and Luc is as tempting as they come. Frannie doesn’t stand a chance. But he has to work fast, because if the infernals are after her, the celestials can’t be far behind. And sure enough, it’s not long before the angel Gabriel shows up, willing to do anything to keep Luc from getting what he came for. It isn’t long before they find themselves fighting for more than just Frannie’s soul.
But if Luc fails, there will be Hell to pay . . . for all of them.
   This is one of those books for that has been on my radar for so long but I just never bothered to pick them up until one day I just didn't have a choice. The reason I finally picked it up was the fact that Lisa Desrochers would be at a groups signing I'm going to (and because I procrastinated too much in reading this that event is actually today) and I wanted to read her book beforehand so i gave it a go, and I have to say... I really enjoyed it!

   I thought the plot of Personal Demons was very unique! I loved the idea of two agents, one from hell, the other heaven, trying to compete for the soul of Frannie, a 17 year old for their kingdom. I mean, I know most angel books always have demons (and vice-versa), but this was a plot that was so different then the normal fare, I loved the idea!

  Though the first 100 or so pages of this book aren't too memorable (not to say they were bad, just not enthralling) it really started to pick up after that. The one thing I really liked about this book? No throwaway scenes! Every scene advanced the plot and Descrochers did not waste any pages. There was always a fast tempo and a sense of urgency, which I tend to like in these kinds of books!

   Though in almost every love triangle I pick the side of the good guy, there was something about Luc (who was totally the bad boy of the novel) that made me like him. I loved watching him transform into a better person because of Frannie.

 Frannie was a character I had mixed emotions on. At first she seemed more a 2d character who only existed in order for Luc to shine, but she started to grow on me and by the end of the book I was cheering like hell for her. She really became quite badass!

  The book is narrated by both Frannie and Luc, which was a style of writing I really enjoyed. They narrator changed every three pages or so, so we were able to see the reaction of one character in what happened while the other was narrating. Which in my mind was perfect for this book!

   Fast paced and enjoyable, Lisa Desrochers'  Personal Demons is as hot as hell. Pun intended.
Cover Comments:
I love the use of color on this cover! All the shades of gold are awesome! It's also cool how the angel wings on Gabe are transparent. And Luc looks exactly how I would picture him! 


  1. This sounds so good, and I love that it kept you engaged and that the plot was unique. Awesome review!

  2. Yaay this sounds awesome! Hopefully I'll get to pick this book up soon. :)

  3. like you, this book wasn't really on my radar. Plus the whole angels from hell/heaven scene isn't really for me. But this sounds good! I also always pick the bad guy in a love triangle because they are always written so much better and 3D than the good ones!

    great review!
    Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  4. Thanks for the review! This one has been on my bookshelf for a while, and it's about time I picked it up. I'm not afraid of a good love triangle :)

  5. I have wanted to read this for a while. Thanks for the review.

  6. I'm really glad you liked this one! It has been on my tbr for a while! Thing I'm going to move it up and make an effort to grab it soon!


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