November 12, 2012

Crossed Read-a-Long Week Three Discussion Post

Hey guys! So it's the final week of our Matched and Crossed read-a-long, and in just one day you all will be able to read Reached. I finished my galley just a few days ago, and I have to say, it was very bittersweet but the trilogy couldn't of ended better. By now, you should of finished Crossed. This is what we are discussing, so if you haven't, beware of spoilers. Crossed ends wickedly in my opinion and it doesn't give you any choice in whether or not you're going to be reading Reached. Also, I just want to say how fun this read-a-long has been with all you guys! Your excitement can't help but be contagious! A special shout-out to the fantastic Penguin Teen publicity department and Ally Condie for giving us endless support that helps make this event possible and many times more fun through donating prizes, spreading the word, or simply being awesome. So, on to discussion!
Quick note:
Remember. This is a celebration of Ally's wonderful books. Feel free to critique them however you may like. But keep in mind, any mean comments directed at Ally, Enna and I, Penguin Teen, or your fellow read-a-longers will be DELETED and you will be bared from future discussions. We're not trying to sound serious, we just want this to be DRAMA-FREE!
Now that we have that out of the way, here's this week's question:
By now, you've had two whole books with plenty of plot twists to make up your mind about the love triangle in this trilogy, so, what team are you on: Xander or Ky?
Awesome! First anser the question in the comments, then fill out the rafflecopter and answer the question at Enna's blog!

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  1. Definitely Xander. I've been Team Xander since the beginning! I just have never liked Ky, even though he's obviously Cassia's choice (which sucks because Xander's never there). Even though it probably won't happen, I want her to end up with Xander.

  2. KY!!! No question. I'll take Xander :)

  3. Ky!! Xander is a great guy and I love him! But, there is just something about Ky! His hunger for life and his uniqueness is so fantastic you can't help but love him!

  4. Okay, I'm really hoping you've read this because I completely befuddled myself. I came in a little later to this comp and answered this question at Enna's blog (the 'which team? one) so now I've failed to answer the original question. Which I'll do here. Plus for good measure I'll post the answer to the team question. Swell? Awesome.

    Whose Team?: Xander, I am all for relationships working and for a relationship to work there has got to be trust and a certain knowing-the-person-well. Ky just didn't have that with Cassia at the end of Crossed. Plus Xander's such a nice boy!

    Who do I think she'll end up with?: Ky. This happens every time! (Exception: The Trylle Trilogy) But I always ALWAYS pick the wrong guy. Usually I like the second guy (not second introduced but second guy to be developed as a love interest) and the authors usually only introduce the second guy to run interference between their main and obvious choice; Ky.


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