November 5, 2012

Non Reluctant Ramblings - "So, You're Young, and You're a Guy, and you Run a Successful Book Blog?''

Today I felt in a rambling mood so I decided to do a rambling/discussion piece... the topic:
"So... You're Young, and You're a Guy, and you Run a Successful Book Blog?"

This is something that people say to me so very, very often. I admit it. Hell, I embrace it. I probably belong to the smallest minority on the planet. Group #1 = Blogger. Sub-group #1 = Book blogger. Sub group #2 = Male book blogger. Sub group #3 = Teenage male book blogger. So... I'm going to brake down what all this means.

What It Means to My Readers
Though I know the vast majority of my readers are not teenage boys, I hope my posts give somewhat of a true teenage boy perspective to them. Though I'm not as picky as most teenage boys are about having girl making characters and seemingly "girly" plots, I'm going to judge a book different then a teenage girl would, most of the time. Though me and a teenage girl might like the same book the same, in our reviews, I might point out different highlights (or lo-lights) then she would. I'm not saying either perspective is better (as most of the reviews I read are written by females), these are just facts. And I hope that somewhere, in the sea of all my awesome female readers, there's one guy saying "Hey. This book looks good.". 
What It Means to My Fellow Bloggers
It means that though my blog may be more successful then their's, it still means they're superior. Though I don't measure followers/hits as success, I still have suspicions a lot of bloggers don't take me seriously because, yes, I am young. Though I do have a bunch of friends that treat me just like equals (<3 you guys!) I still sometimes feel belittled in the community. But truth be told, I don't really care. I'll share my opinions just like everyone else. And I know a lot of bloggers that could not keep up the active everyday content I have been able to keep up for almost two years.
What It Means to Authors
I actually find a lot of authors like some of the "perks" of having a "true teen boy" perspective on their books. Because a lot of kids may trust opinions that came from other kids more then adults. Though I'll read a book based on an adult's opinion, some others might not, or might not want to. Though sometimes when I meet authors at first (this has happened a few times) they find it disconcerting, then they see that I can act professional in my reviews/interviews/general handing of an author and we become great friends. 

So, there you have it...  a peek inside the life of a male teenage book blogger.


  1. I don't feel superior to you at all! I'm failry positive you know this. We have this conversatin on a daily basis. You blog is a million times better than mine,a nd we both know it. You make the best of being the minority, that's for darn sure.

    Go Benji!

    Just a Booklover

  2. What I love about male bloggers, more so teenage male reviewers, is the fact that there are male who enjoys the pleasure of reading. When I started reviewing I was like "okay, where are the male bloggers??" and it make me happy to be following great male reviewers in the community.

    The Solitary Bookworm

  3. Benji..i have been following you for quite a while..and um didn't know you were a teenager or a boy..hehehe. I simply like your reviews. I think it's cool though and now i want to go back and read some of your reviews to look for clues of a male perspective!!! Review on my friend!

  4. aww, I think it's wrong to belittle you or think that we're superior just because we are girls! that is total sexism and I'm against any form of gender inequality. Your blog is great and I enjoy reading your reviews. I don't think that just because you're a boy I should get opinions from other girl blogs or just because you're young. I just base it on what books you enjoy and which I do and see if we are compatible in that sense.

    And I agree, you are from the minority and you should work that to your advantage! authors LOVE to hear opinions from all different ages and genders and since not many bloggers are male teenagers, this gives you better opportunities!

    great post! I really enjoyed it

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  5. You are definitely a rarity! My teenage son used to read a ton of books, and now I bet he hasn't read anything that wasn't mandatory school reading. Sad but true! Good for you for doing what you do.

  6. :) I always feel jealous of you. Not of your stats but your passion for reading at your age. I think it is a sign of great things to come for you. I wish I would have had half the gumption at your age. You seem like a very determined person. In fact most of the time I have to remind myself that you are a teenager. So I certainly don't look down on you. I admire you. :)

  7. As a relatively new book blogger, I have to say I was first surprised when I stumbled upon your blog (because of course you are the age- and gender-minority), but then my next thought was, "Rock on, kid!" lol! I am super impressed with the amount and level of content you put out. Plus, there are already so many book blogs by 20- and 30-something women (mine included!) so it's nice to have a fresh perspective around here.

  8. I love your blog! Too few guys really embrace reading, the fact that you do and then blog about it is fantastic! You also give a really interesting prespective on the books you read!

  9. I have been following our blog for quite some time now as well and honestly would not have guessed that you were a boy. I am ashamed to admit that I sort of assumed you were female because most book bloggers are female. I love your blog. You rock and never let anyone tell you otherwise!

  10. It is really cool to have opinions of a male teen book blogger, even in my blog I have a 16-year old boy who writes reviews for us sometimes so that we have a different point of view, and it is really cool indeed. =]]]


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