November 18, 2012

Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two
Director ~  Bill Condon
Release Date ~ 11/16/12
Writers ~ Melissa Rosenberg (Screenplay), Stephanie Meyer (Novel)
Starring ~ Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner
The epic love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen concludes in this final installment of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series. DREAMGIRLS' Bill Condon directs this second segment of the two-film adaptation.
My views on the Twilight franchise change more often then Mitt Romney contradicts himself. So in short, my opinions on Twilight change a lot. When I first started reading the saga at the prime young age of eight, I was very enthralled, but then, near after the release of the Eclipse movie, I, just like many of us, was suffering from a major twi-hangover. Breaking Dawn Part One was just okay, but nothing special, though when you split a story into two movies, it hardly ever is. But I have to admit, in Breaking Dawn Part Two, the franchise did itself proud.

The first thing I want to say is I applaud Kristin Stewart for taking a few classes and actually becoming a near decent actress. Of course, the vampire role allowed her to shine a lot more then her mundane human role, so maybe she actually was just concealing her somewhat-okay acting skills. Robert Pattinson was just okay, but nothing memorable in his performance. Taylor Lautner was somewhat stomach-able but I think that had to did with keeping his shirt on more then in the other movies then anything else. Of course, Ashley Greene, the hottest vampire ever, blows them all out of the water as Alice, who is smoking hot and badass as usual. (Big Alice fan right here.) The girl who played Renesme was good, but of course all she had to do was act cute, so, I'm not really sure if that's considered "skilled" or not. As for the rest of the cast, no complaints but no really extraordinary performances.

The screenplay was not poorly written, with okay dialog, not as much mushy cheesy love lines as usual (though there are still a fair few). The jokes were okay and I may of mildly snicked are a few of them. Just a few of them mind you.

I did really like the soundtrack on this one. Green Day, Passion Pit, and others all had strong songs that matched the movie nicely. The perfect mix of genres, with some louder and some softer songs. Though a few of them were cheesy when placed with certain scenes, the music itself was nice and I've actually added the album on Spotify.

Even though I knew the whole epic battle scene was just Alice seeing the future from the books, the way they set up that was so well done, and I didn't know there brains were capable of such mind-screwing and audience. I know every guy who was dragged there by the theaters were like "this is gonna suck majorly" then during the battle scene "Holy shit, this is pretty awesome" then once they see it was a prediction "it went back to sucking."

Also, I just want to point out, this may seem petty, but as someone who lives in the Forks area, it does not snow that much in Forks! It rains a ton, but we're lucky if we see three snowfalls a year...
*End Spoilers*

The ending of this saga was like a Valentine card that sings, dances, gives you chocolate, and smells like roses. Way over the top, but cute in it's own OTT way.  Though it wasn't perfect, it was a great way to put the whole saga in a nutshell (literally) and give closure to this franchise. Though you may not like the franchise, I don't think there's truly anyone in the YA book world who isn't grateful to Stephanie Meyer and the gang for this story, because it has created a splurge of a million very good paranormal stories.

All in all, Twilight does itself proud by Breaking Dawn Part Two. By far the best movie in the franchise, though Eclipse remains to be my favorite book.


  1. A Twi-hangover... I love that. It perfectly describes my love-(more often than not)hate relationship with the Twilight series... But I have to say that I actually enjoyed the last movie. It was, by far, the best of the saga and the twist? I did NOT see that one coming. Kudos to the writers for pulling that one off. I think the reason that I didn't want to stab myself in the eye during the movie was because Twilight audiences are semi-entertaining. The 75 yr. old woman who sat behind me kept screaming out, LORD HAVE MERCY every time Taylor Lautner took an article of clothing off... Some people may have been annoyed by it but I can't take the movies seriously anymore... so it just made the entire experience hilarious and more entertaining.

  2. My daughter loved it but hadn't seen the previous ones. I was kind of iffy about seeing these because I am not really into vampires but now I am curious with all the hype about these movies. I am going to have a day in watching all of them with my daughter soon

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net


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