November 7, 2012

Crossed Read-a-Long Week Two Discussion Post

Warning: As with all read-a-longs posts, there may be spoilers for all parts of this trilogy up to the current reading. 
Hey guys. It's the second week in the Crossed read-a-long and guess what? Just ONE week til Reached is released. I'm reading my ARC right now and it is over the moon amazing, yet very bittersweet to see such a great series end. Now, moving on... it's week two in the Crossed read-a-long and week five in the overall read-a-long of these two books. It's going really well and I love all the answers and interactions I'm seeing! By now you should have read to chapter 35 of Crossed! Now that you've done that, let's discuss!
Side Note First:
Remember. This is a celebration of Ally's wonderful books. Feel free to critique them however you may like. But keep in mind, any mean comments directed at Ally, Enna and I, Penguin Teen, or you fellow read-a-longers will be DELETED and you will be bared from future discussions. We're not trying to sound serious, we just want this to be DRAMA-FREE!
Now, this week's question:
Throughout this series, music and poetry play a very big role and while reading them I always have plenty of different songs playing in my head that remind me of what I'm reading. Choose one song that's relevant to our current reading of Crossed and explain why. If it's meant for a certain scene, what scene is that?
Awesome! First enter the question, then fill out the rafflecopter and answer the question at Enna's blog!
And remember. Because Reached is released next Tuesday and Enna and I are both part of a special promotion for that which we need to work on, our final week's discussion questions are on 11/12, not 11/13. Next Monday, not Tuesday.

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  1. Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine reminds me of Crossed right now because I can't help but think about Cassia and Ky whenever I hear it I think of when they first see each other again.

  2. Peace, by Apocalyptica, is one of the songs that remind me of Crossed, as well as The Cylon final song from Battlestar Galactica ^^

    Two songs without lyrics that are so great and evoke all kinds of moods as to dystopian societies, like the one in the Matched Trilogy, and especially in Crossed =]

  3. Hidden Away by Josh Groban- it fits both books, really!

  4. Breath of Life by Florence and The Machine. Listen to it and the song shall explain it all. Cassia was looking for freedom, to go against the society and find Ky ..well, this song, to me, is about breaking out and that's exactly what Cassia does.

  5. Also, why am I always the last person to answer these questions!?

  6. I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons! It just reminds me of Cassia chasing after Ky and choosing to ditch Xander.

  7. "Unbreakable by Fireflight because like the lyrics say "Forget the fear it's just a crutch
    That tries to hold you back
    And turn your dreams to dust
    All you need to do is just trust"


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