February 24, 2011


After a recommendation from a friend and reading "The Candy Shop War" I finally decided to tackle "Fablehaven", Brandon Mull's debut. The novel tells the story of Seth and his older sister Kendra who are dumped at their grandfather's estate while there parents are taking a two week cruise. Little do the two know that the estate is really Fablehaven, a refuge for magical creatures. But when Seth and Kendra make a deadly mistake the two's grandfather is taken hostage by some of the darker beings at Fablehaven. The two must find their father, save Fablehaven from a evil organization, and possibly save the world.
I waited a long time before picking up this book, mainly because I thought I wouldn't like it, man was I wrong. The story was very intriguing, I thought it was going to be the basic fantasy that seems to be all we read these days, instead I found a wondeful novel that made me use my imagination a lot. I think Brandon Mull is the next Rick Riordan. I really liked the world Mull created, that everything is enchanting but there is a definite dark side that is very scary and dangerous. There are a few flaws like the depth of Kendra, everyone else seems to be pretty developed but she just walks around saying "You shouldn't brake the rules!" but other then that a great novel that will make readers run out and buy the sequel[s].


  1. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed this one. You will undoubtedly get some reader's excited with this review.

  2. I'm happy that you did a review on this book that I recommended to you.


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