February 9, 2011

School of Fear

In author Gitty Daneshvari debut for children; Four students who have big phobias of small things, but when each child's phobia gets too outrageous their parents can't stand it anymore. So each student is shipped of to "The School of Fear" taught by the strange, scary, and possibly insane Ms. Wellington where four very different kids find themselves in a house with one insane old lady, no phones, and no contact with the outside word what-so ever. So when these four very different students have to bust out, they must unite to escape the creepy "School of Fear" and the even scarier horrors it holds.
This book is more funny then watching a cat trying to open a pickle jar, more adventurous then Indiana Jones chasing James Bond inside a exploding volcano while Lord Valdamort holds Percy Jackson captive, and more mysterious then Sherlock Holmes tracking down Bigfoot.
This book is great, you will love it. Though I am just warning you it will give you phobia of phobias.

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