February 23, 2011


I've been hearing a lot about this book, every time I check the "New York Times Best-Seller List" it's near the top, and I've been reading lots of positive reviews, so finally I decided to read it. "Matched" is Ally Condie's debut, In the story everything is controlled by "The Society" who decide Who You Love, Where you Work, When you Die, and basically everything else in your life. Cassia has always trusted their choices, and when her best friend is her match she is confident he is the one. But when she sees a face before the screen flashes blank, she suddenly is doubting 'The Society" and their choices. She develops a relationship with this new boy, Ky, but she still has feelings for he Match Xander. She starts to doubt everything about the society, and what they stand for.
This book was a great read, I started six hours ago and just finished it a few minutes ago. Many people say it is just a imitation of "The Hunger Games" I however thought that it was very unique, though you could make connections to " Hunger Games" it was still really good। Even though her writing style wasn't original, it was very simple and matter-of-fact which made me want to keep reading. This book is supposed it be the first in a trilogy that will be the "Next Big Read" and I think it has that potential, if Condie keeps making them interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Though the book had a few flaws the good qualities deeply outnumbered the bad. All in all, a book that readers will eagerly devour and longing for the second.


  1. Wow! You finished the book and wrote this review already? Nice review Benji.

  2. I have seen this book on several blogs. I am curious to read this. I haven't gotten to read many dystopian novels so am looking forward to this. Thanks for the review.


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