February 19, 2011

The Red Pyramid

In Rick Riordan's first novel in his new series "The Kane Chronicles", even since his mother's death, Carter Kane has been traveling the world with his father, a Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane. While his younger sister Sadie Kane lives with her mother's parents in London. Both of them have what the other longs for; Sadie wishes for time with her dad. While Carter wants what Sadie has, a normal life. But when their father is kidnapped by a wicked god the two must unite, if they ever want to see their father, and possibly the world. Both of them find out that they are the blood of pharaohs, and they're also powerful magicians that will decide the fate of the world. They go on a long and frightening adventure.
Rick Riordan has done it again. He's combined the modern world with ancient myths, which has sort of become Rick Riordan's very own genre. The novel has a very strong plot, with loads of adventure. It also has a ton of good humor and I found it the funniest Riordan novel yet. I think he has a real good writing style, he's one of my favorite authors and always will give you a book above your expectations. My only concern is if Riordan keeps on using this plot, one day we will all get bored of it. I swear. But so far so good. It was a great novel. I strongly recommended it to all my readers. The way Carter and Sadie change as narrators is a very good touch.


  1. I recently read this book and I have to say I preferred it to the Percy Jackson books (which I also adore) but that could simply be because I find Egyptian mythology so very fascinating. I haven't read the sequel yet but I will do as soon as it comes out in the cheaper paperback format!

    My favourite line of the whole thing was when Khufu was introduced and Sadie thought her uncle was sneezing!

  2. I read this book last year and I liked it. But there is a minor flaw: the characters don't seem to get tired. Yes, the narrators say that they are tired blah blah blah, but a few moments after, they are going to do something heroic again, of course, it requires a lot of energy...

    But I did enjoy Anubis and Sadie's story. It's cute and, well, just cute!

  3. This book is funny, magical, exciting and adventurous. It's about a boy and a girl named Carter and Sadie Kane. When their mother dies they are forced to live separately. Then their father blows up the Rosetta Stone and unleashes a god who banishes him. Carter and Sadie soon learn their family are magicians who have lived since the time of the pharaohs. Then the House of Life starts to chase them for hosting gods. Carter and Sadie are trying to save their father from the evil Lord Set who plans to destroy North America with his red pyramid.


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