February 20, 2012

Thinking Between the Pages - Why I Started my Blog

Welcome to the 1st ever "Thinking Between the Pages"! This is a new feature that I'm starting where I'll share my thoughts on a certain subject. Usually the subject will have something to do with blogging or reading. Here 'goes!
Why I Started Blogging
    So why did I start book blogging? I'm going to take you back to a long, long time ago. Way back in January of 2011. A time when Justin Beiber wasn't quite so big, and the apocalypse not quite so near. I was in writing group, and I was in a slump. I had some experience with blogging before, at the time I was winding down on a soccer game coverage blog and I wanted something fun and new- and I wanted something that involved books. I've always loved books, but really had no friends that were into reading as much as me. And my parents were tired of hearing me gush (and sometimes rant) about books. That was when I started Readings of Benji. What is now The Non Reluctant Reader. When I started my blog I had no idea there was going to be millions of fellow bloggers out there, and I didn't know I would have 1000+ followers!
For the first couple months of blogging my reviews were TERRIBLE! They were only a paragraph long, at the most! At that time I wasn't serious about blogging at all. Until I read Lauren Destefano's Wither. It was so amazing and I had so many thoughts on it that I kept on writing. At that time, my blog turned from something to play with to a serious hobbie. Since then my blog has gotten much richer and a higher quality, though it's lacking a lot of things that I hope to add in years to come. So maybe that clears up a few things for you- if not, just ask!

Why did you start blogging? Tell me in the comments! 


  1. I started my blog because I wanted a place to post book reviews and organize them in a way I liked. Sometimes, Goodreads gets on my nerves. I quickly discovered that there was actually an entire blogging community devoted to books and reading.

    Things pretty much took off from there.

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

  2. Oooh Benji..I wished my younger brother love books as much as you did. He's into music and girls instead. LOL. I started blogging because everyone in my family has started blogging and since I love books so much I decided to talk about them instead of myself. :)

  3. Awesome that you've only been blogging a year and grown so much. And that you write.

    I started blogging because aspiring authors are supposed to have a blog presence. I use it to promote other authors, especially debut and middle grade authors and my love of books. I only blog on Mondays. That's enough with working, family, & trying to write.

  4. I start my blog three years ago, to escape and push myself forward in something I liked instead of always thinking of what I didn't like. I'm thinking of doing reviews on books also, I have a lot to do before I can review books but at least I have that in considerations.

  5. I haven't started blogging but would like to in the near future. I love reading and enjoy reading reviews and participating in the giveaways. I don't have the time right now to dedicate to it but would like to in the future. Thansk for taking the time to blog.

  6. Very interesting! I think that I'm at that stage where I'm not taking blogging very seriously, or rather, spending too much time procrastinating and second-guessing myself and my opinions on my books to actually type out coherent and concise reviews for all the books I've read. I think what you've done with your blog is amazing and I can only ever hope to make mine as successful as yours. I have no problem writing long reviews, because I''m naturally a rambler (if this comment hasn't already proven that!) but I hope to be able to blog more often and to create a good format for my reviews because I honestly think they could use a better structure. Thanks for sharing your experience with us:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar



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