July 29, 2012

Behind the Blog - Favorite Sports

Beyond the Blog is a feature I do here that gives you a look at my non-blogging life!
In honor of the Olympics happening for this Beyond the Blog post I decided to give you a look at my...
Top Ten Favorite Olympic Sports
I'm a huge sports fan, and when I'm not reading, I will probably be watching or playing sports!
London 2012 Mascot Table Tennis Pin
Table Tennis
This game is surprisingly fun to watch, it moves so fast!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Water Polo Pin
Water Polo
Though I suck at this sport, I love watching it so much! The athletes have to be so fit because they can never touch the bottom and have to be swimming at all times! That would be so hard!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Sailing Pin
Sailing is one of my favorite sports to watch and play! I live in a seaport town, so it's sort of like our religion here!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Field Hockey Pin
Field Hockey
I don't like ice hockey too much, but Field Hockey is really fun to watch. I love soccer and it's sort of the same idea but you know, with a puck.
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Tennis Pin
Tennis is a ton of fun to watch and play! It's the perfect mix of technique and speed!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Beach Volleyball Pin
Beach Volleyball
I love watching this sport - women's and men's. It moves at such a fast pace!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Diving Pin
Gymnastics isn't really my thing, but when you combine acrobatics with water I'm glued to it!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Fencing Pin
Fencing is great! I think it pays great tribute to the ancient Olympic games!
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Swimming Pin
I'm on swim team, and every time the Olympics role around, team practice turns into Olympic watching! When I was younger Phelps was my idol! 
London 2012 Olympics Mascot Football/Soccer Pin
Soccer is my top favorite sport to watch and to play. I'm fiercely loyal about my favorite teams, and if I even see a oposing team jersey, there will be a brawl, lol!


  1. Nice post! And those little pics are so cute! My favorites are swimming, diving, and gymnastics! Beach volleyball is really growing on me though.

  2. so wait, should I be scared? What are your favorite teams? *eyes jerseys* *slowly puts them away*

  3. After reading this I checked out the Water Polo --- wow, that seems SOOOO hard! Kudos to the men and women who master the sport, though. Talk about needing to be FIT!

    My favorite is Volleyball. Never tire of watching that sport!

  4. I always enjoy the beach volleyball!


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