July 26, 2012

Vote for #TeamSimon in the 2nd Round of the #YACrushTourney

YA Sisterhood
   Hello guys! First I would like to start off by thanking you guys for helping Simon win in round one of the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney. And did I mention, it was by a landslide! Simon couldn't have been more proud of you guys! Now Simon has advanced to the next round of the tourney, in the Sweet Sixteen round. Now he is up against some very hard competition - Patch from Hush, Hush. But I'm sure with your help, he will emerge victorious once again. But as an incentive - as promised, there's a giveaway as an extra incentive.  Here's what's up for grabs:
Two Winners Will Each Win A Signed Copy of A City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare and a signed copy of any other signed copy of another Cassandra Clare book*.

And if #Team Simon advances to The Elite Eight, here's what's up for grabs:
Two Winners Will Receive Everything from Above and A Simon T-Shirt from Zazzle (see the list here).

Grab a #TeamSimon button!

YA Sisterhood
Enter after the page break!

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  1. Patch is a difficult opponent to go against but I think with enough of us spreading the word, we could totally win!! :)
    Oh, and for my last entry... I tweeted. Oops! I'm not sure if I know any more social media sites...

    1. Just wondering, did you ever pick the winners for this giveaway?
      Because... I really want a signed Cassandra Clare book. LOL. :)


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