July 30, 2012

Why to Vote for #TeamSimon in this round of the #YACrushTourney

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Hi, YA Crush Tourney voters!
My name is Benji, I run the blog The Non Reluctant Reader and I'm here to be Simon from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare's advocate. Before I start telling you why you should vote for Simon, I'm going to say this: I'm a guy. I'm not attracted to guys (though if I was a girl, I probably would be). I'm writing this post from the sense of why I think Simon kicks butt. Though I know most of you guys want to hear about the looks, so I will talk about them. Just don't get any ideas about me, okay? :P

Today I'd like to welcome some amazing characters from The Mortal Instruments series!

First off, Clary, winner of the 1st annual YA Heorine Tourney:
"Simon is the best friend a girl could ask for. Ever since we met as little kids, we've been joined at the hip. As kids we'd have sleepovers and sneak in a portable DVD player and stay up late watching cheesy horror movies. The one thing I miss most from my mundane, normal life is the normal relationship Simon and I shared. Whenever there's a problem and Simon could do something, he does it. He's proved that time and time again when I'm in danger, he's got my back, even if he may risk his own life. He's a great friend and Isabelle is one lucky girl to get him."

Now, I'd like to welcome, the one and only, Jace Lightwood, winner of last year's Crush Tourney:
"He may not be the sexy, handsome, badass Shadowhunter I am, but he has saved me and Clary's butts. Even as a mundane, he was pretty fierce. Though he may ramble on about pointless stuff like some zombie TV show or the next anime cartoon, he's a pretty cool guy to talk to. Now, he hasn't mastered the fine art of sarcasm like I have (but who the hell can?) he is pretty witty. He might even make me, much to my dismay, laugh sometimes. Which is completely unnatural. But if Alec didn't exist, and he was a Shadowhunter, he'd be my first pick for parabi."
General Information

“Mom. I have something to tell you. I’m undead. Now, I know you may have some preconceived notions about the undead. I know you may not be comfortable with the idea of me being undead. But I’m here to tell you that undead are just like you and me … well, okay. Possibly more like me than you.”

Simon is a easy-going sixteen year old "open geek" who comes from a Jewish family. His father died when he was ten, leaving him along with his mother and sister (he's very affectionate for both of them, by the way) to coup for themselves. Though they've done a very good job of it, and he's a very "good kid", so to speak.  He's been best friends with Clary, the protagonist in The Mortal Instruments since they were little kids, and has secretly been crushing on her for as long as he can remember. He's the bassist of a band which name changes so often, it's impossible to know what they're called. In fact, it's probably already changed ten times since you started reading this. For those animal lovers out there, he's been a vegetarian since he was ten and can't stand the sight of blood. He loves anime and horror movies. 

Best Qualities - Witty, Loyal, and Soft
“Medium clever,” Simon acknowledged. “Like a cross between George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven and those MythBusters guys, but, you know, better-looking.”

   While reading The Mortal Instsruments, you'll probably find yourself bursting out laughing during the series. More often then not, you're probably laughing because of something Simon said. Don't get me wrong, all the other characters are hilarious too, but hands-down, Simon is by far the funniest. He's always making witty jokes and hilarious comments that help keep what can often become a dark mood in these books lighter. And they're never trashy jokes, they're done very ingeniously and always at the perfect moment to have you rolling on the floor. And I'll let you in on a little secret, they invented the term "LOL" to describe Simon while texting.

   Simon is fiercely loyal. *spoilers* In City of Glass when the only way to get the vampire clan to fight alongside the Shadowhunters against Valentine is to let the clan kill Simon, Simon instantly agrees, against the will of Clary and many others. Though, it didn't work. Again he proves his loyalty in City of Lost Souls when someone has to call the archangel in order to bargain with him, Simon instantly volunteers, even though he knows the archangel will most likely kill him. *end spoilers* Simon is the kind of guy who whenever you need him, he's there for you, even if he may not like you very much.

   Though Simon can be fierce when he needs to save his friends, he is very soft and friendly. Though he doesn't let him be stopped from doing what needs to be done, he hates the sight of blood and hates violence even more. *spoiler* When he gets turned into a vampire in City of Ashes, he refuses to let go of his humanity and drinks only animal blood because he couldn't live with himself if he lost his humanity. In that sense, he's sorta like Edward from Twilight, except he doesn't sound constipated whenever he speaks. 

   "He's cute. Does he have a girlfriend?"
Clary hesitated a second too long before replying. "No."
The girl looked suspicious. "Is he gay?" 

   In City of Bones, Simon starts out as a nerdy looking kid with brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. Very skinny as well. Though he does have the looks of the sexy smartical style, which causes a girl to notice him in the quote above. Then in City of Ashes he gets bit by a vampire, which turns him into a sexier, more masculine version of himself, and it also causes him to loose his need for glasses. His hot and sexy "vampire mojo" as described by his friend causes him to get two girlfriends, one the gorgeous Shadowhunter, Isabelle, the other the werewolf who defies all paranormal rules that vampires and werewolves can't be lovers to get together with him, Mia. Even if Jace may be more attractive, Simon is not that bad either! 
"You know what's awesome?" said Eric, setting down his drumsticks. "Having a vampire in our band. This is the thing that's really going to take us over the top."
   In the books, Simon is described as being a pretty good bassist, though he never really takes his band too seriously, and often says that they "suck", but in truth he is good at what he does. In City of Bones, when Simon saves his friends using a bow and arrow, we find out that he learned to shoot with one while in boy scouts, and is good at it. He's also described as being obsessed with video games, and very good at playing them.

  Simon needs you're vote in order to beat Patch, the fallen angel bad boy from Hush, Hush. Okay, I could right a book on why Simon should win, but I'll keep it brief: Patch may have once been an angel, but Simon is ten times a better person then he is, I think you can always count on Simon to save your butts and then act humble, whereas not bragging is impossible for a bad boy, and c'mon, don't you want the underdog to win? So, I think that just about sums up why you should VOTE SIMON!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to The YA-Sisterhood for planning such a great tourney, Cassandra Clare for creating such a great character, and all you Simon fans out there who are going to help us WIN!

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  1. I love Simon! Just voted for him! Hopefully he wins against Patch!


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